are packaging materials expensive

There are different types of packaging materials and each packaging cost is different from another. The packaging costs depends upon different factors i.e. set-up fees, tooling, Labors, prototypes, testing, design work, shipping, polystyrene balls, freight and volume. The packing material which you select depends upon the type of product which you are going to ship. There are different packing materials which may not be suitable for your product. Before selecting the packing materials make it sure that you are picking the right one and it should be affordable. There are different types of packing boxes and containers. These are as follows:

Bubble Mailer

Bubble mailers are one of the smallest and cheapest ways of shipping small items. Usually small items are shipped by using bubble mailer and polystyrene balls.

Multi-Depth Box

If your items are thicker or heavier than you should consider a multi-depth box. This packing material is used to keep the item safe and protected. The price of multi-depth boxes is slightly greater than small packs.


The heavy packing is used to carry heavy materials. Such boxes contain a double wall cardboard and are more durable. Such containers are strong and are larger in size. The price of oversize boxes is slightly more as compared to others.

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